One Second Of Life, Bacau Romania for Zidart Streetart Festival 2022, 10m x 14m
 Life is a collection of moments that unfold successively, each instance containing in it the potential of an entire destiny.
While gazing upon the far stretching blue of the sea that represents the vast unknown, a killer whale makes an appearance for a heartbeat, creating a bridge between a world of aquatic expanse that symbolizes unexplored inner depths and a world of endless horizons representing the infinite potential of imagination and it’s capacity to transcend the limitations of the material universe. I have tried to capture this moment and contrast its ephemerality by building on it the story of an entire life. The symbol of the house suggests the complete inhabiting of this instant, while his iconic bird-headed characters are fishing, unbothered by the concept of passing tim
One second of life tells about the importance of the moment and how to find balance in the middle of big changes that we don’t control.

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