The inspiration for this painting I have found from the pages of books that revealed the fascinating world of tree communication. Through my readings, I discovered the remarkable way trees connect and share information with one another. In a forest, a special network of fungi links the roots of all the trees, enabling them to communicate and cooperate as a community.This connection allows them to communicate and collaborate as a species, working together to survive. Trees have been around for a very long time and we often underestimate their importance. We can actually learn a lot from them. They can be our guides during difficult times, like a lighthouse showing us the right direction.
Throughout history, as human beings we  have faced many crises such as wars and climate changes, and we have only been able to survive as a species by working together. Just like the trees, we too need to come together and support each other to thrive.
I believe it's crucial to remember this, especially when we encounter tough times. In the end, our survival as a species depends on our capacity to learn from the interdependence found in nature and our willing to collaborate for a brighter tomorrow.

This wall is part of the Frauenfeld Streetart Festival 2023 in Frauenfeld, Switzerland
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