These nine towers represent the nine Muses of Greek mythology, each showing a different kind of art. Inside them, trees grow, connecting the towers with their roots, showing how all the arts are linked and make up our culture.
In the middle is Thaleia, the Muse of Comedy, welcoming everyone with her inviting staircase. On her left is Erato, the Muse of Song, with a guitar, and on her right is Cleio, who keeps the stories of history with books. A bit further away stands the tower of Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance and Poetry, shown with a musical instrument called a lyre. In the distance, you can see the other Muses: Urania, the Muse of Astronomy, with a globe; Melpomene, the Muse of Tragedy, with a dagger and a sad mask; Calliope, the Muse of Epic Poetry, with a writing tool. Euterpe, the Muse of Flute-playing, with a tower shaped like a flute and Polyhymnia, the Muse of Rhetoric, with a special scepter.These towers together show the beauty of human creativity and culture in all its different forms.
26 on 10 meters mural for Cultuurcentrum Lokeren, Belgium 2023
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