The willow tree, with its deep roots and inherent spirituality, embodies profound psychic abilities. Its resilience and flexibility serve as powerful symbols, showcasing its capacity to thrive even amidst challenging circumstances. While the top branches are consistently cut, the tree's trunk grows bolder and stronger with each instance. Yet every time fresh branches sprout
In a similar way, reading books allows us to gain wisdom and knowledge, fostering internal growth. Though this growth remains unseen from the outside, it shapes our identity, becoming our metaphorical house, home, and sanctuary that shields us from the world's tumultuous nature.
A library acts as a gateway to this transformative journey, like a ladder leading to the shack atop the willow tree.
This mural on the library's facade encapsulates these ideas, illustrating the intertwining connection between the resilience found in nature and the transformative power of reading.

curated by Treepack for the local library of Scherpenheuvel-Zichem, Belgium

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